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Hi Motor Ops,
I have always been a fan of truck pulling competitions. But now that I have a Duramax of my own I don't want to be on the sidelines anymore. How can I take my daily driver and get her ready for some truck pulling competitions without burning up her transmission or breaking something else.
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12 months ago
Hi Meister,

Great question; and the answer can vary depending on what type of truck you have. I'll hit the basics:

To be competative you first and foremost need the power. We can help there with one of our Auto Cals set up with either a DSP5 switch or an LPS switch depending what year the truck is and transmission tuning. Based on your truck setup we can set you at a safe power level that will also allow you to have fun and put a hurting on your buddies competing.

Next thing to address is the front suspension. Aftermarket tie rods or tie rod sleeves are 100% necessary if you plan on driving home. Tie rid sleeves are fairly inexpensive but do have weak points in them. Companies such as Rare Parts manufacture tie rods that are virtually impossible to break but they come with a price tag. Aside from tie rods I would recommend doing a pitman and idler arm brace kit. This kit will keep you driving straight on the road and on the track; its really a great option for any Duramax on the road.

Rear suspension rules are different across each area so you will need to check to see if you can do the following in your class or not. Traction bars are a great addition as well; they keep your rear drivetrain straight and prevent a lot of snapped driveshafts while transferring more traction to the ground. If you are allowed to I would also recommend putting rear suspension stops in place. Most rules require you to have some suspension travel which you can make work with an adjustable suspension stopper. Our rules here require us to have an inch of travel. On my truck after that inch stops my rear suspension won't sink any further which keeps my truck from sinking really low; it will add atleast a foot to the end of the track.

Outside of that, when you get to the track, lower your front suspension as low as you can to the ground, air your tires down in the front for more traction, launch the truck in 4X4 low in 3rd gear and you'll do great!


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