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Switchable Tuning For LML?

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I recently purchased a new 2016 LML, I am planning to make this thing an absolute BEAST. It will be deleted with CP3 conversion and eventually a twin set up. this is my first time tuning a diesel truck, therefore, I have been doing my research. Everything that comes up so far is either EzLynk or EFI Live with Motor Ops. What is the difference between the two? or are the same platform? 
Jack Sangers
Level 2 (XP: 250)
12 months ago
Hi Jack,

It sounds like you have great plans for this truck and I can tell you that the parts combination you have listed with our tuning will keep you smiling every time you start the truck.

To answer your question; EFI Live and EZLynk are two different software platforms that provide a flashing and programming platform for LML trucks.

EFI Live is a software platform that has become very popular in the Duramax and Cummins market place over the past 7 years due to its comprehensive list of editing data logging parameters. Whether you have a 1600 RWHP truck or a 500 RWHP truck the software provides a great platform for custom tuners, such as ourselves, to built calibrations designed specifically for your needs while maintaining safe engine and transmission operation.

EZLynk is a new software platform that has been brought to the market in the past year. EZLynk provides technicians with a cloud based area to post their tunes into and the consumer buys access to the cloud based tunes. As the technician updates their tune library or makes adjustments to their tunes the consumer can then choose to either update their tunes to the latest revision or stay on the most the version that they are currently running. It is definitely an up and coming software platform that has been getting a fair amount of praise; but, because it is new to the market, it does have its short-comings such as supported controllers, editing parameters, etc.

Both platforms now have the option for on-the-fly switchable tuning available if you select the correct tuning company.

In my opinion based on the setup that you are planning on getting you are better off going with an Auto Cal. One thing that will be key to getting the optimal drivability and longevity out of your truck is transmission tuning; which is not available through EZLynk. Without transmission tuning on the setup listed above you leave a lot of power and drivability on the side because with a larger turbo we need to recalibrate your shift-points to bring the truck into the peak efficiency map of the selected turbo(s). Many people over-look this but it is the absolute truth; transmission tuning is 100% necessary with any turbo modification (if you want the best balance of drivability and power... which most do).

I hope this was helpful to you!


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