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By Paul
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I have a Motor Ops Auto Cal and an aftermarket exhaust system on the truck as well. I am considering blocking the EGR or deleting it completely. What is the best option?
Level 2 (XP: 250)
last year
Hi Paul,

This is a common question; I am glad that you asked it. As you mentioned you have two options: Full EGR Delete or stopping any exhaust flow with EGR blocker plates.

I have personally done both to my last LML and give you the ins and outs of each.

The EGR delete kit that we sell completely removes the EGR system off of the truck, replaces the restrictive factory Y-Bridge with a 3 inch fully modified Y-Bridge, replaces the cold-side intercooler piping, and includes either a modified turbo mouthpiece or can include a one piece intake.

EGR Blocker plates are just as they sound; two pieces of stainless steel cut to fit in between the inlet valve of your EGR to prohibit any exhaust from passing by.

When I did the blocker plates in my truck I didn't really notice any performance difference; it was really just a peace of mind type of thing. When I installed one of the Y-bridge kits the performance on my truck was night and day difference. Here is what I noticed:

-Faster spool-up
-200-300 degrees lower EGTs at WOT
-Less smoke output
-Better drive-ability

Aside from the performance benefits it completely transforms the look of your engine bay. The powdercoat color options are nearly endless for the intercooler piping and intake. Rest assured, its a head turning tranformation.

Aside from the points listed above if you live in any type of climate where there is varying temperatures and you decide to just block your EGR then condensation tends to build up and create condensation in the EGR since there is no flow movement. This may seem minor to you now but if you decided to sell the truck and had to remove the blocker plates the EGR would need to be completely removed and cleaned or replaced.

Do both stop exhaust from recirculating into your truck? Yes.

Is a major performance benefit to doing the Y-bridge kit? Yes, most definitely.

In my opinion the Y-Bridge kit is the only option and could actually save you a lot of money down the road.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions - 866-867-1593.



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