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A common questions that I get asked is "How can I get more power from my truck?" or "What is the next step for my truck?". On the contrary there are a lot of customers that invest thousands with the impression that the parts will suit their needs or will help them attain a goal but their selection ends up being a waste of their time and money.
In an effort to minimize the latter from happening I decided to put together a build sheet that will get each LML truck owner the best "bang for their buck" and provide a platform for building a truck that is not only powerful but also a pleasure to drive.
Let's start from the bottom...
Assuming that you are starting off with a stock truck, emissions all in tact. You have a decision to make right off the bat; are you going to remove the emissions equipment or are you going to leave it intact? The majority of the market decides to remove the emissions equipment off the truck right so this post will follow that trend. For readers that want to read about Emissions equipped trucks you can read our recommended build sheet HERE.
Your first purchase needs to be:
- Engine and Transmission Tuning
- Lift Pump (FASS Titanium 150 GPH or Air Dog 165)
- Exhaust (Flo~Pro 4 or 5 inch downpipe back exhaust)
These first three purchases with the proper tuning brings you to a horsepower level of ~530 to 540 Rear wheel horsepower (RWHP). At this point your factory injection pump (CP4) will be maxed out. This is the point where I see a lot of mistakes in the search for more power; a larger turbo WILL NOT get you any more pleasurable driving power. Can you make 20 extra horse power for with a bigger turbo? Maybe, but you will hate driving it, your EGTs will be hard to manage, and it will be a smokey mess to drive; all due to lack of fuel volume and pressure. On that note; what is next?
Your next bundle of parts should include:
- CP3 Conversion Kit
- CP3 Injection Pump (Exergy Sportsman CP3 or 10MM Stroker CP3)
- Y-Bridge Kit (WCFab Y-Bridge Kit)
With the combination of the listed parts above you have have the potential to reach the limits of the stock turbo (~560 RWHP). The truck is no longer fuel limited (volume or pressure). At this point in your build procedure you really need to think ahead and ask yourself what your end goal is with the truck. Are you going be happy with 650 RWHP? 700 RWHP? Or in a year will you want 800 RWHP? The answer to that question will guide you to the next addition to the truck. As I said before the truck is currently air limited; the solution: larger turbo or compound turbo setup.
My suggestion would depend on what you use the truck for.
-Is it a daily commuter used for towing on the weekend or every once in a while? 
  Suggestion: S475 over Stock twin turbo kit
-Is it a daily driver taken to the track on the weekends? Goal of over 750 RWHP?
  Suggestion: Twin turbo kit (64mm VGT valley charger/ S480 on top)
-Do you  sled pull on the weekend and daily drive it during the week?
  Suggestion: Check the rules for your class and find out what your restrictions are on for turbo size. 
In most cases the most ideal setup is a S475 over stock twin turbo kit. The drive-ability and versatility of this setup is head and shoulders over anything out there. On stock injectors your LML can support ~650 RWHP; if you decide to add injectors into the mix then you could push this setup in the the mid 700 RWHP range. 
For those who are looking to go beyond 650 RWHP you will need to look at having your injectors modified or buying modified injectors. Pushing into the mid to upper 700's can be a dangerous game and you should be ready to build your engine at some point down the road.
It is important to understand that some injector manufacturers' units of measure are not consistent with others. In our experience Exergy has always provided a consistent unit of measure and consistent quality product; the units of measure below are what we would recommend if you were using an Exergy product.
40% over LML Injector: Great for trucks looking to reach the 700 to 750 RWHP mark. At this level we don't need to stretch the pulsewidth too much which keeps your truck running happily without any part failures.
60% over LML Injector: All around great size that gives a lot of room to work with. One of the Motor Ops Trucks runs this size injector and it does everything from tow to daily drive to sled pull. The peak power with an injector of this size is ~850 RWHP without pushing the limits too hard.
100% over LML Injector: 


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