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how to get better gas mileage in a diesel truck

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I love my Dodge Ram!! It has a 6.7 cummins Turbo Diesel which has tons of power but it drinks fuel like its day job. Do you have any tuner products that can help me save gas when and maybe get a little more power out if it?
2008 Cummins 6.7 Mega Cab on 37s
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12 months ago
This is a very common question, glad you asked this.

There is a few things to address here regarding your fuel economy.

First, when I talk to people that are getting poor fuel economy I usually like to find out if the vehicle is mechanically sound. In your case:
-Has the trucks suspension parts and steering parts been checked or serviced recently?
-Has the trucks filters and fluids been changed within the appropriate time period?
-Has your truck's turbo system and intercooler piping been properly inspected or tested for boost leaks?
-Is the truck's emissions systems operating correctly (EGR and DPF), if equipped?

If all this checks out then we move to the truck's current setup and driving patterns.

In your case you are defying all laws of aerodynamics; your truck is never going to get 20 to 25 MPG because the resistance it is going against is too great; your options are to either go with a smaller tire size and lift or accept a subpar fuel economy.

Lets say that you don't have a lift or big tires, your aerodynamics are in check. How do you drive the truck? Do you like to hit it hard off every green light or do you live for that highway on-ramp acceleration? ... I am guilty of that one.

If you answered yes then you can adjust your driving patterns to and see an increase.

Now on to directly answer your question; we do provide tuning products that we typically to see fuel economy gains with. Usually you will see ~1-2 MPG increase from installing a tune or set of tunes that is properly constructed. Some people may see more, some may see less; we can't guarantee any increase in efficiency because of the variables listed above which we have no control over.

Typically speaking as horsepower increases on a vehicle it takes less throttle input to turn the tires over each time which equates to fuel economy in a controlled scenario.

I hope this provides some insight into the world of fuel economy!


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