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Delete vs. Stock Exhaust

By Paul
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Hey Guys,
Trying to figure out if I should delete my '14 6.7 cummins automatic with the 68RFE in it I believe. Its a completely stock truck right now.
Let me know!
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9 months ago
It depends what you are looking for. I've owned 2 6.7s one being a 2010 and now a 2016 I've deleted both and upgraded parts on both. Stocks to quiet for me. If you do install an exhaust I'd go for a 4 inch. My 5 inch turbo back has a drone at certain rpms. Just my two cents though
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12 months ago
Hi Paul,

Great question! But ultimately it comes down to your preference and what the regulations are like in your area for emissions. Here are a few things that may help you make your decision.

Benefits of Emissions Equipped:
-Clean running truck
-No diesel exhaust smell
-Quiet in-cab sound
-Less prone to warranty refusal
-Stealthy look

Benefits of Emissions Removed:
-No worries about DPF or EGR failure
-10 to 15 extra RWHP
-Aggressive sound (if you are into that)
-Cost effective repair (if you are currently having issues)

Modern tuning technology in the hands of the right tuner or tuning company and the progress in DPF and EGR system construction has made the option for diesel trucks to be tuned upwards of 500 RWHP reliably a possibility. In the past everyone went by the view that if you had a DPF equipped truck it needed to be tuned and deleted to save you from future issues or being stranded on the side of the road.

I can faithfully tell you that a stock truck equipped with our CSP tuning and transmission tune will deliver nearly identical power, drivability, and fuel economy whether it is emission equipped or emissions removed. Now that statement is stated with the assumption that your emissions equipment is all in good working condition. Where we see a very large deviation between the two is when emissions equipment starts to fail.

Unfortunately the truth behind your EGR and your DPF is that at some point over the course of your truck's life your emissions equipment will fail or need to be serviced just like any other part of your vehicle. Just like most of the parts on your truck there is a shelf life that goes with them; some last longer than others, some don't. The problem with the service or replacement parts that come with that territory is that they are expensive and they usually fail post-warranty.

So when it comes down to it, Paul, the ball is in your court. You need to asses the following:
-Are the emissions components on my truck in good working condition?
-What are my goals and aspirations with this truck?
-What are the emissions regulations in my state/ county/ province/ etc.

Based on your answers I think you can form your own decision with the information that I have provided above.


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